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Five of the Orange Button℠ Working Groups will define strategy and generate business requirements that will drive development activities:

Deployment (including solar asset installers, engineering firms, permitting officials, etc.) Focused on the data needs associated with structural and electrical safety and other permitting concerns. This working group will include building code and safety standards experts, project developers, and other relevant stakeholders.

Financial (including banking and specialty finance institutions, solar project developers, asset managers, etc.) Engaged in supporting efficient finance for projects, as well as efficient financial reporting practices during project operation. This working group will examine data practices for tax and accounting systems, streamlining information exchange between banks and developers to assess development risk, and the data exchange environment necessary to conduct effective financial asset management activities.

Real Estate (including professionals experienced in identifying and transacting in real estate for solar projects) Focused on data requirements of the real estate industry (as they are relevant to solar projects) to deploy projects at various types of commercial real estate (e.g., owner-occupation of buildings, types of lease structures held by tenants).

Solar O&M (including project developers, O&M service providers, etc.) – Focused on all data requirements behind project operations and maintenance practices and cost models.

Grid Integration (including electric utilities, project developers, ISOs, state regulatory bodies, etc.)  Focused on the data needs for utilities, ISOs, and solar developers with regard to new utility-scale and behind-the-meter connections.

The Work Ahead

In order to complete this work, the four Orange Button awardees will collaborate to achieve the program’s overall goals.  Teams will work in tandem, collaborating and exchanging deliverables across the three strategic phases of the Orange Button initiative:

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