SGIP and its members and industry experts are actively contributing their ideas and solutions to industry needs and demands offering solutions at networking and special events throughout the year. Professionals from technology companies, utilities, service providers collaborate to modernize the future, enhancing grid modernization.

Learn what events SGIP is hosting, where SGIP is speaking, and relevant upcoming events around our key focus areas.

SGIP Hosted Events
Upcoming Events where SGIP is Speaking

2nd Annual Grid Modernization Forum
Apr 04, 2017 to Apr 05, 2017
April 4, 2017, Sharon Allan, President and CEO at SGIP, will be speaking at the 2nd Annual Grid Modernization Forum in Chicago. Building on the success of the 2016 edition, the 2nd Annual Grid Modernization Forum, April 4-5, 2017 in Chicago, will closely examine lessons learned to date by industry leaders pushing the fronters of grid modernization and reliability.
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IEEE ISGT 2017 Conference
April 23-26, 2017

On April 23, 2017, Dave Hardin, Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, Jeffrey Taft, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Ron Melton, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, will be speaking about the Basics of Grid Architecture.

Grid Architecture is the application of system architecture, network theory, and control theory to the electric power grid. A grid architecture is the highest level description of the complete grid, and is a key tool to help understand and define the many complex interactions that exist in present and future grids. Grid architecture can be used to: help manage complexity (and therefore risk); assist communication among stakeholders around a shared vision of the future grid; identify and remove barriers and define essential limits; identify gaps in theory, technology, organization, regulation; and provide a framework for complex grid-related development activities.

The discipline of grid architecture provides a modern set of methods to assist in thinking about grid complexities, to aid in understanding interactions and technical gaps, to enable new capabilities and remove old unnecessary limits, and to support communication among stakeholders. This is increasingly important as we modernize the electric power system moving to an increasingly distributed system most usefully viewed as a network of structures. This tutorial will introduce the basic tools of grid architecture with examples of how to apply them.

Summary of Topics and Brief Description of What is covered by Each Topic:

1. Basic terms and principles including basic definitions and core architecture principles

2. Grid architecture qualities and properties

3. Layered decomposition and other approaches to analyzing and managing complexity

4. Architecture team structure and work products

5. Overview of advanced grid architecture concepts, for example, network convergence and grid codes

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Industry Events

Xtensible Webinar
March 21, 2017

Utility analytic solutions over the years have addressed a wide variety of demands, the majority of the time solving very specific problems for a given domain. Ask yourself the questions:

  • How do we bring all the solutions under a single enterprise approach for our data?
  • How do we interpret our data?
  • What is our core data platform?
  • How do we integrate our enterprise data with outside service providers?

Smart grid and connected infrastructure challenges have spurred a worldwide demand for understanding of how advanced analytics and “Big Data” technologies can help solve utility business problems and be managed from an enterprise perspective.

With this in mind, Xtensible and Oracle partnered together to develop an advanced analytics and Big Data platform solution that brings data together from different solutions to create an enterprise perspective, the Oracle Utility Data Model (OUDM). This solution was developed using Xtensible Solutions’ MD3i Frameworks and has been proven on Oracle technology, providing a platform today for solving problems of the future.

Join us for the webinar where we will cover:

  • The impact disparate, disorganized or missing data has on utility analytics
  • How to address the problem
  • What you should look for in an enterprise platform

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Siemens-OMNETRIC Industry Day
March 22, 2017

Please join us for a special Siemens-OMNETRIC Industry Day workshop and technology demonstration at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL’s) Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF). The demonstration will feature the Siemens-OMNETRIC Microgrid Communications and Grid Edge Energy Management system, developed under the U.S. Department of Energy’s Integrated Network Testbed for Energy Grid Research and Technology Experimentation (INTEGRATE) project.

Participants will receive an overview of INTEGRATE, as well as presentations by OMNETRIC, CPS Energy, Duke Energy, University of Texas at San Antonio, and Siemens—and get a tour of NREL’s unique ESIF laboratories. A brainstorming session will be held for feedback and future project development after the technology demonstration.
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2017 SunSpec Alliance Annual Member Meeting
March 30, 2017 in San Francisco, California

The 8th Annual SunSpec Alliance Member Meeting is anticipated to attract more than 100 professionals including fleet operators, financiers, O&M providers, equipment manufacturers, project developers, utilities and related organizations. Attendees will explore the principle challenges facing the industry today:

  • Grappling with Grid Integration
  • Scaling Up Solar Finance
  • Asset Management 2.0
  • Topics covered

You can complete the pre-meeting market survey to help SunSpec understand . This survey is completely confidential and participants will receive a report of the results.

Contributing Members Get One Free Admission

The attendance fee for this year’s event is $200 per person, and there is no limit as to how many people can attend per company. Contributing Members enrolled at or above the $5,000 level are entitled to one free ticket. If you would like to receive your company’s redemption code, please contact

One More Important Reason to Join

The SunSpec Annual Member Meeting is held in conjunction with Solarplaza’s Solar Asset Management North America on March 28-29.  SunSpec can provide a 10-percent discount to members who would like to attend the entire week.

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