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SGIP’s Monthly Newsletter, The Conductor, is published on a monthly basis for our members. The e-newsletter includes articles, case studies, as well as information on key issues, major industry events and member news.

If you have something you’d like to write about or submit to the SGIP newsletter, please forward your suggestion or material to: Gabrielle Puccio at

Topics: We encourage articles both about the activities of the organization as well as about progress your company is making to accelerate Grid Modernization. If you would like to provide an update on a topic on Grid Modernization or a particular project, then contact us.

Format: Please submit your articles as a Word document. Do not forget to include a compelling title with your article.

Editing: We encourage you to have a colleague read through your article before submitting your final draft. SGIP reserves the right to edit your article and the article’s title for length, spelling, grammar, clarity, and content.

Multimedia: We strongly encourage you to provide photos, videos, and links to helpful resources along with your text. Our goal is to make the newsletter as interactive as possible.

If you quote text from another source, please include a short citation and link, if available.

By submitting materials to SGIP, you warrant that you are the original author or you have written permission for SGIP to distribute them.

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