Leadership Positions Open in the Smart Grid Architecture Committee

Ron Cunningham, IT Enterprise Architect at American Electric Power, completed his term as Chair of the Smart Grid Architecture Committee (SGAC). After two years of leading the committee through process streamlining, proposing new initiatives to other committees and more, Cunningham will continue supporting the SGAC as a member. Other members of the committee are now able to run for Chair, as well as Vice-Chair and Secretary. 

Anyone interested in filling a leadership position in the SGAC should contact a member of the SGIP Technical Committee.

The SGAC is a standing member committee that collaborates to craft an architectural framework for the U.S. grid, so different utilities can participate in a common grid architecture. It plays an integral role in bringing industry leaders together to make Smart Grid Interoperability possible. The SGAC works collaboratively with other SGIP groups as enabled by SGIP’s membership volunteers, SGIP.org staff and other resources to fulfill its functions.

If you are interested in joining the SGAC as a member, click here. To see a list of SGIP committees, click here.