Introducing the 2016 SGIP Members Choice Awards

At the Grid Modernization Summit in November, SGIP members will have a say in recognizing each other in the first annual SGIP Members Choice Awards. In addition to the President’s Award at the summit, the Members Choice Awards will congratulate standout achievements in interoperability. The awards will be for the following four categories.

  1. The Erich Gunther Most Committed Interoperability Ambassador This award is named in honor of Erich Gunther for his outstanding contributions to SGIP and to the industry at large. The Erich Gunther Most Committed Interoperability Ambassador award will go to an individual that is a strong contributor to SGIP committees and a vocal champion of committee standards at industry meetings and conferences.
  2. Best Contributor to Collaboration This member is a thought leader at events and an ardent follower of grid modernization efforts underway. He or she demonstrates commitment to collaboration by sharing knowledge, teaming up on projects and connecting other members who can benefit by meeting
  3. Most Innovative Solution This award celebrates smart engineering, such as mitigating voltage excursions from high penetrations of solar, analyzing data from newly installed sensors, extending automation technology beyond the substation or any other grid-modernization project.
  4. Best Interoperability Demonstration Project This award goes to the member organization that actively demonstrates the benefits of interoperability through an in-house initiative or engagement with another organization. The winning, comprehensive project will typify grid modernization by including technology from multiple vendors or system.

Who better to vote on these categories than SGIP members? With the SGIP Members Choice Awards, the people collaborating to advance grid modernization have the opportunity to acknowledge each other’s contributions.  More details, and instructions for nominating and voting, are forthcoming. If you haven’t registered for the SGIP 2016 Grid Modernization Summit, members and non-members can register here.