Interoperability Strategic Vision Meeting Aligns Industry Stakeholders

On September 27 and 28 in Chicago, four national laboratories and the Department of Energy held a day and a half of meetings with industry experts to discuss interoperability requirements. The meetings were run by the Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium, which was organized by the U.S. Department of Energy. There is a three-year project by the national laboratories to develop methodologies and tools for simplifying the integration and cyber-secure interaction of the electric power grid, and these were the project’s initial stakeholder meetings.

Participants addressed general interoperability requirements with the objective to align stakeholders on the drivers and benefits of interoperability. Several topics were covered in panel discussions and breakout sessions including definitions of interoperability, criteria for interoperability success and measurement, and vision stories. The vision stories focused on distributed energy resource (DER) integration, providing context for the direction that interoperability goals and requirements should take.

Aside from achieving its objectives, the meeting also served to demonstrate the passion and engagement of the attendees when discussing the need for improved interoperability. Many valuable ideas and experiences were shared. The national laboratories collected much valuable feedback and hope to have another face-to-face meeting in several months’ time.

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