SGIP’s 2016 North American Test Bed Survey finds distributed intelligence and control dominate grid modernization research

WAKEFIELD, Mass. – Feb. 2, 2017 – Researchers from some of the largest, best-known grid modernization testing facilities in North America are investigating technologies that will move generation, intelligence and control to the grid edge. That’s a key finding of SGIP’s just published 2016 Grid Modernization Test Bed Survey.

This is the second year that SGIP has conducted its survey, which was initiated to foster industry collaboration by identifying technology under study at various facilities and pinpointing where partnerships are welcome.

“Given the complexity of grid challenges, industry players must work in tandem to develop viable solutions,” said Sharon Allan, president and CEO of SGIP. “This survey spotlights some of the amazing work researchers are conducting and also details how various organizations forge alliances to advance grid technology development.”

The survey collects data from researchers at national labs, academia, utilities and industry vendors. Results of this year’s study indicate that more than half – 60 percent – of survey respondents name distributed generation as a leading focus area, while over half – 53 percent of the researchers – study interoperability. Cybersecurity is a focus area for 48 percent of the investigators.

Survey results also show that research concentrations vary by type of institution. For instance, when it comes to interoperability, 47 percent of national labs say it’s a key study area, versus 57 percent of academics, one-third of utilities and 75 percent of equipment vendors, a.k.a. industry labs. Although grid-edge control itself was not a focus-area choice available to survey respondents, intelligent electronic devices, such as microprocessor-based controllers on things like circuit breakers or capacitor banks, was. Two-thirds of survey respondents had IEDs under study.

To see complete results, download a copy of the survey from the SGIP website.

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