Accelerating Grid Modernization

Enabling and Accelerating Grid Modernization Through the Internet of Things (IoT)

The SGIP is the industry leader in merging the Internet of Things and Energy. Our EnergyIoT™ strategy advances interoperability by leveraging existing processes and standards and applying common, secure Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT – or IoT, for short) technologies to create a fabric that is secure, reliable, resilient, and flexible.

Other industries are beginning to realize possibilities never before possible as they invest in the Internet of Things, creating interoperable devices and systems that previously required enormous, complex, and unscalable solutions – if it could be done at all. IoT leverages Internet protocols, communication networks, and device identification to allow different systems and devices a common methodology to interoperate and bring richer functionality within the systems they were designed for and possibly with other systems and even different industries that were previously not even considered.

Our newest EnergyIoT™ Priority Action Plan, OpenFMB™, is a utility-led project dedicated to incorporating common utility data models and applying IoT communication and publication/subscription protocols to create an Open Field Message Bus. This approach creates a modern methodology where devices and systems can easily communicate with one another, unlocking new opportunities for innovative features and field applications in a common, modern framework.

SGIP is also convening stakeholders to exam how IoT technology is evolving and the impact on home/building automation from an energy perspective.