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The Catalog is a compendium of standards and practices considered to be relevant for the development and deployment of a robust, interoperable, and secure Smart Grid.

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Users of the SGIP Catalog of Standards (CoS) should note that the standards and other documents listed in this Catalog are selected based on the technical criteria established by SGIP. Various information is provided in the Standards Information Form (SIF) as part of the documentation for the listing but should be verified by the user.

No conclusions or assumptions should be drawn about the document developer’s IPR policy, licensing terms or whether essential claims have been asserted or otherwise.
Listing in the CoS does not indicate whether membership in the standards body is required for access to any given document.
Users should also note that although documents of the type listed can be expected to be periodically amended or revised, the versions listed in the CoS have been added at a certain point in time, and thus may or may not be the most recent versions available from the relevant developing organizations. Users of the Catalog are therefore advised in all cases to consult the appropriate website or other appropriate source of information for each developer’s documents to ascertain whether amendments, revisions or corrigendum have been issued, and should also determine for themselves what impact any such changes may have on the suitability of the changed documents to meet their individual goals.

SGIP produces the Catalog of Standards (CoS) as a reference to the Smart Grid community with the intent of it serving as a useful resource for utilities, manufacturers, regulators, consumers, and other Smart Grid stakeholders.

Each standard listed in the Catalog contains extensive information and has gone through a rigorous, multi-part review using objective criteria by industry experts in the SGIP process. The results of the SGIP reviews contain considerations and concerns from various technical perspectives and should be taken into account when one is examining the standard for implementation or for other purposes.

One should not construe the listing of a standard in the Catalog as an endorsement or recommendation of the standard by SGIP, but rather as a helpful source of information prepared by SGIP about the standard.

While standards certainly contribute to the facilitation of interoperability, the standards, themselves, rarely, if ever, cover all levels of agreement and configuration required in practice, and compliance with a standard does not absolutely guarantee interoperability.

The Catalog may contain multiple entries that may accomplish the same goals and are functionally equivalent; similarly a single Catalog entry may contain optional elements that need not be included in all implementations.

The Catalog is expected to be a larger compilation which can inform Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) but is independent of FERC decision-making.

The Catalog provides information about relevant standards that advance interoperability for Smart Grid applications to stakeholders. The Catalog reviews help reveal gaps or provide objective criteria to evaluate proposals to improve interoperability for the Smart Grid. Many questions can be answered in the Catalog of Standards FAQ. Members can search for these reviews and view recordings of presentation about the standard by using the search feature below. To see all the standards in the Catalog click on “Any Standards”. You may also search by “Any Domain” which the standard is associated with or by “Any Type of Document” (type of document, e.g., SGAC or SGCC review) you would like to view. Coming soon you will be able to use the “Key Word Search” to find the documents.

Click here to access the SGIP’s CoS search tool for all the CoS entries.

The Catalog also provides a key, non-exclusive, source of input to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) process for coordinating the development of a framework of protocols and model standards for an interoperable Smart Grid.

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