Orange Button F2F Meeting at Solar Power International in Las Vegas

Date and Time:

Thursday, September 15th from 9am – 11am Pacific Time


Room N257 at Las Vegas Convention Center, at the Solar Power International conference. Room 257 is located on 2nd floor of the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center in the area where the education session rooms are located. Click here to see a map of the Las Vegas Convention Center.


Address: Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV, 89109

Who should attend?

All Orange Button Area A Requirements Workgroup participants.

Access to the Orange Button F2F meeting at SPI:

No SPI pass or registration is necessary. If asked, explain to SPI event personnel/security that you are only attending the Orange Button meeting in room N257 and are not attending any part of the SPI conference.

Phone Contact:

If you are onsite and need assistance, Call Aaron Smallwood, SGIP Director of Technology and Orange Button PMO, for assistance at 512-466-4460.

Additional Information:

This two hour meeting will be an in person working session where Orange Button Area A Requirements Workgroup participants will continue to develop market requirements and use cases while coordinating and sharing information across all Orange Button Working Groups.  There will be no remote access capabilities for this meeting.

Note that Orange Button bi-weekly requirements working group conference calls scheduled for the week of September 12th will be cancelled and replaced by this Orange Button F2F meeting on Thursday, September 15th from 9am – 11am in Room N257 at Las Vegas Convention Center.

For a list of Orange Button activities at the 2016 Solar Power International conference, click here.

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Grid Modernization Interoperability Strategic Vision Meeting

September 27-28, 2016 – Chicago, Illinois, USA



As a foundational part of the United States Department of Energy’s Grid Modernization Initiative, several national laboratories are collaboratively embarking on a project to advance interoperability.  The goal of this work is to accelerate the deployment of products and services that more easily connect and operate with the electric power system.

Learn more about the Vision, Scope and Timeline.

Meeting Desired Outcomes

This meeting is an initial step toward developing a strategic vision for interoperability in the electric sector.  It solicits support across the multiple stakeholder domains for the project’s objectives to establish an interoperability strategic vision and its plan to develop tools to measure interoperability maturity that support gap analysis and roadmaps toward this vision. Meeting outcomes include:

  • demonstrate cross-stakeholder alignment on the meaning of interoperability, its supporting principles, and its place in grid modernization,
  • articulate desired characteristics for the integration experience 10 to 20 years in the future,
  • refine visionary scenarios that exemplify these characteristics, and
  • achieve attendee consensus for the development of interoperability goals and requirements that support the vision scenarios.

A tangible statement of support will be recorded in a declaration of principles for interoperability.

Is this meeting right for you?

Attendees are expected to have a solid appreciation of the role of systems integration in grid connectivity deployments, a working knowledge of interoperability and the principles behind it, and strong connections with other industry stakeholders seeking to improve the integration of distributed energy resources and grid infrastructure to advance grid modernization.

Who should participate?

Individuals, organizations, and stakeholders from all areas of the “grid”.

  • generation, transmission, & distribution
  • markets – regulated and unregulated entities
  • buildings, facilities, campuses
  • appliance manufacturers
  • industry partners

Involvement would include collaboration and face to face stakeholder technical meetings.

Meeting Logistics

Date: full day on September 27th, half day on September 28th, 2016.
Location: Midwest Conference Center, (8 miles from O’Hare International Airport)
401 West Lake Street
Northlake, IL 60164-2401
(708) 409-2828
Hotel information can be found here.

For more information review the GMLC Interop Meeting Announcement or contact Steve Widergren (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory).

2nd NY Energy Revolution Conference

July 26, 2016 at 3:30 PM

Aaron Smallwood, Director of Technology Operations at SGIP, will be speaking at the 2nd NY Energy Revolution Conference on July 26, 2016 in New York City.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Maximizing the potential of renewables and Distributed Energy Resources (DERS)
  • Integrating generation and loads distributed behind different meters or campuses
  • Interoperability challenges and integration of legacy resources
  • Guidelines to resource planning to maximize reliability, self-generation, economic and sustainability potential

Forrest Small, VP of Grid Reliability, BRIDGE ENERGY GROUP

John McDonald, P.E., SmartGrid Business Development Leader, GE GRID SOLUTIONS
Aaron Smallwood, Director of Operations, SMART GRID INTEROPERABILITY PANEL (SGIP)
Byron Stigge, Director, LEVEL INFRASTRUCTURE

ComEd CEO Anne Pramaggiore will be a Keynote Speaker at the 2016 Grid Modernization Summit

Pramaggiore keynotes with executive energy leaders in
Washington, D.C., November 7-10, 2016

Wakefield, Mass. – July 20, 2016SGIP is pleased to announce that Anne Pramaggiore, President and CEO of ComEd, will deliver an executive address at the 2016 Grid Modernization Summit to be held November 7-10, 2016 in Washington, D.C.

Pramaggiore became the first female President and CEO of ComEd in 2012, and Energy Central named her Utility Industry CEO of the Year in 2014. As the leader of one of the largest utility systems in the U.S., delivering electricity to 3.8 million customers in Chicago and Northern Illinois, she has become a reputable thought leader on several topics, including Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Energy IoT, regulatory policy and more.

Pramaggiore’s many accomplishments since joining ComEd in 1998 include spearheading the company’s effort to set the legislative framework for ComEd’s smart grid build-out, which became a leading model nationally. She also led major policy work for restructuring the electric industry in Illinois.

“Anne Pramaggiore is a well-known voice in electrical grid innovation,” said Sharon Allan, CEO of SGIP. “Her experience, achievements and vision give her rare insight into some of the most exciting developments happening in the energy industry today. To any industry leader wanting to learn more about what’s next in grid modernization, don’t miss Pramaggiore’s address at this year’s summit.”

About SGIP 2016 Grid Modernization Summit

Hosted by the SGIP consortium, the 2016 Grid Modernization Summit boasts an executive speaker program comprised of utility, vendor, and industry energy thought leaders discussing the latest in accelerating grid transformation. With over 300 expected attendees, the summit promises to be filled with networking opportunities for non-members, members and guests to connect, collaborate and share solutions.

Registration is open for this year’s event, which will be in the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. November 7-10, 2016. Best time for Summit registration is now, as registration fees increase after September 15, 2016.

Pramaggiore’s address is part of the executive forum, featuring many of the industry’s foremost thought leaders. The Summit will also include Technical Working Group and Committee meetings where members and non-members alike can roll up their sleeves to collaborate on project-based work including: cybersecurity, EnergyIoTTM, utility-focused Grid Management, distributed energy resources, and OpenFMBTM. Throughout the Summit, vendor, utility and technology partners will demonstrate the interoperability of grid devices and their progress on collaborative microgrid projects at the Vendor Expo.

With executive speakers like Pramaggiore and exceptional networking opportunities, the 2016 Grid Modernization Summit is a can’t-miss event.

Helpful links

The SGIP 2016 Grid Modernization Summit homepage
Online summit registration
Information about the Capital Hilton Hotel and reservations
A list of all speakers for the summit
The summit Program

The Sponsorship Prospectus
The Exhibitor Prospectus

About SGIP
SGIP is an industry consortium representing a cross-section of the energy ecosystem focusing on accelerating grid modernization and the energy Internet of Things through policy, education, and promotion of interoperability and standards to empower customers and enable a sustainable energy future. Our members are utilities, vendors, investment institutions, industry associations, regulators, government entities, national labs, services providers and universities. A nonprofit organization, we drive change through a consensus process. Visit

Follow SGIP on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Click here to register for the SGIP 2016 Grid Modernization Summit in Washington, DC. from November 07th  through 10, 2016, at the Capital Hilton in downtown DC.  You can also make your Capital Hilton hotel reservations.


The group will convene to focus on requirements for Microgrid control functions. The meeting will be hosted by Duke in Charlotte, NC.  Meeting details to follow.  Interested utilities should contact Sharon Allan at

This utility only meeting will meet to focus on requirements for DER control functions.

Date and Time:

August 25, 2016


Charlotte, NC

Additional Information:

List of Attendees:

  • Jon Thompson, Avista Corp - Enterprise Architect
  • John Bubb, Southern California Edison - Principal Advisor, Architecture & System Design
  • Matthew Backes, Ameren Illinois - Engineering Intern
  • andre cassulo, FPL/NextEra - master architect
  • Tom Martin, Pacific Gas & Electric - Manager, Emerging Technologies- Grid Analytics
  • Matthew Backes, Ameren Illinois - Engineering Intern
  • Beth Chacon, Xcel Energy - Director, Emerging Technologies & Storage
  • Andy Paylan, SCE - Adv Technology
  • Manuel Avendano, ComEd - Emerging Tech
  • Ahmad Mousa, PSEG - Distribution Engineering
  • Manuel Avendaño Mora, ComEd - Manager - Emerging Technology
  • Howard Smith, SoCo - Manager of Distributed Energy Resources Policy
  • Raiford Smith, Entergy - VP, Energy Innovation & Technology
  • Beth Chacon, Xcel Energy - Director, Grid Storage & Emerging Technologies
  • Richard Mueller, DTE - Engineering
  • William Godwin, Duke Energy - Wireless Architect
  • Kunle Adeleye, BC Hydro - Field & Grid Operations
  • Michael Putt, FPL - General Manager, Design and Standards
  • Tom Weaver, American ELectric Power - Manager Distribution Planning
  • Stuart Laval, Duke Energy - Manager, Technology Development
  • Mike Diedesch, Avista - Lead Smart City Engineer
  • Holger Kley, Spirae LLC - Solution Design Manager

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