Areas of Focus


The convergence of IT and OT has created new opportunities for the Internet of Things within the energy business. We believe this is an exciting way to enhance interoperability and are committed to helping the industry move in that direction.

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Through our close relationship with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), SGIP boasts one of the most proactive cybersecurity organizations anywhere.

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Systems Integration

Interoperability is key when introducing new technologies and systems. Most of the work that SGIP conducts is directed at interoperability and simpler, better integration.

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Learn More about the SGIP's OpenFMB™ Priority Action Plan Project

The Open Field Message Bus (OpenFMB™) is part of SGIP's EnergyIoT™ initiative, bringing the IoT and advanced interoperability to the power grid. It is a framework for distributed intelligent nodes interacting with each other through loosely coupled, peer -to-peer messaging for fielded devices and systems at the grid edge. It is simply the application of industrial internet technologies and techniques to enable the Smart Grid. The OpenFMB™ framework provides a specification for power systems field devices to leverage a non-proprietary and standards-based reference architecture platform, which consists of internet protocol (IP) networking and Internet of Things (IoT) messaging protocols. Read More


Intelligence at the Grid Edge – Open Field Message Bus Project

Read more about the SGIP’s OpenFMB project at Smart Grid News.

What if utilities could reduce stranded assets and extend the life of fielded devices even as technology and functionality requirements change? What if fielded devices and systems could automatically announce themselves and securely interact with other fielded resources as appropriate? What if analytics and some command and control could happen in the field instead of from a centralized location within a utility? What if a newly fielded device could automatically provision itself and discover other fielded devices and systems to get necessary data from? 


OpenFMB: Creating a Framework for Innovation

Read more about SGIP’s OpenFMB standardization efforts with NAESB at  Smart Grid News

The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel’s (SGIP) Open Field Message Bus fosters innovative services and products. Fundamental to enabling innovation is the ability of OpenFMB™ nodes to host applications that support grid functions. Through scalable peer node to peer node publish-subscribe architecture, OpenFMB™ applications interact with each other and with adapters to existing end devices.  Read More